Tips on Tuesday “Loose-Leash Walking with Leave it”

Loose-Leash Walking with Leave It

There will be times when you’re walking with your dog and he will try to pick something up in his mouth. You’ve worked on Loose-Leash Walking, “Take It” and ”Leave It” and now it’s time to start combining the three. Start in a location that is fairly distraction free like a hallway in your home, and place some toys on the floor.

· Put your dog’s leash on
· Follow the rules for Loose-Leash Walking (click here for more information)
· Walk your dog through the objects you’ve scattered around
· As you approach an item, give your dog the cue to “Take It” or “Leave It”

If your dog tries to pull you to an item, STOP and WAIT for him to look at you for permission to take the item or leave with the item.



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