How to Introduce Your Kitten or Cat to Grooming

How to Introduce Your Kitten or Cat to Grooming

Many people think cats can just groom themselves or that cats hate grooming, so they never even try. Realistically, if you introduce grooming at a young age, kittens will grow up to enjoy—or at least accept – grooming into adulthood. Before your cat decides that routine grooming is an evil plan to torment him, lay the foundation for grooming during kittenhood. Below are tips and tricks on how to introduce your kitten to grooming:

Grooming Basics

To start, you’ll need a soft-bristle pet brush and a metal pet comb, and you’ll want to wait until your kitten is drowsy or relaxed. Settle your kitten into your lap and let him fall asleep as you use your hand to pet and stroke him. Once asleep, use the brush instead. Use long, gentle strokes rather than short, choppy ones. This will get your kitten used to being calm while being brushed.

Bath Time

Although cats don’t normally need baths, you still don’t want your kitten afraid of bath time. To start, use tap water that’s room temperature or a little bit cooler. Don’t bathe his entire body, just a foot or leg will do for the first time. Give your kitten lots of treats when you do this. Dry him with a towel so he doesn’t get cold, and so he will associate a bath with an enjoyable experience.

Nail Trimming

Start by applying gentle pressure to the top and paw pad area simultaneously. This will extend the claws where you will be able to clip the sharp tip of the nail off. Start off by doing one nail each day and then gradually work your way up to more nails as your cat gets more accustomed.

Overall, grooming your cat gives you the opportunity to detect the presence of skin problems or parasites, such as ticks and fleas. Grooming is good for your feline’s health, but it also allows you to spend some quality time with your cat.


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