Pet Care

House Sitting

Going out of town but taking the dogs this time?  No problem!  We offer just House Sitting visits as well.  

We understand, some dog owners in particular like to travel with their pet sometimes.  We are there for you even if you take the furkids along. Our house sitting service offers peace of mind and convenience so you won’t have to worry about packages sitting out on the porch or flowers dying while you are gone.  

During house sitting visits we will:

  • Bring in your mail/packages
  • Alternate your lights and curtains
  • Water your flowers
  • Put your trash/recycling to the curb and put your bins away
  • Check key areas of the home as well as major appliances for any signs of issues
  • Arrive at a different time each day to keep your house looking active

House Sitting – 15min – 18.00

Wedding Service

We know your pets are beloved members of your FAMILY! So why not have ALL family members present on your special day?

We will be happy to pick your pet(s) up from their location, bring them to your ceremony or photography session, help you with handling and pictures and then pet taxi them back when finished. We can even put on your pet’s designated bow tie or flowers, do a little brushing between pictures, have squeeky toys or treats available and overall ensure your photos are fun and successful!

These are once in a lifetime moments, so while you are enjoying your beautiful day, we will handle the legwork so your furbaby can be part of the joyful event! We will help you make purrfect memories!

Need a pet sitter for the honeymoon?

Woof’n Purr would be happy to help you with that as well! Simply visit our dog sitting and cat sitting pages.


Please contact us for a custom plan on our special day.

Pet Taxi

Does your furkid need a ride to or from the groomer or vet?
We can help with that!

We will transport your pet from your home to the required destination or to your home from wherever they are. We can even wait for them if need be.

Can’t get to the vet before closing to pick up medication or prescription food? We can help with that too!

Just call ahead and pay for what supplies are needed from your veterinarian and we will swing by, pick them up and drop them off at your home. Just let your vet office know your pet sitter will be stopping by for you.

These services are available to existing clients on weekdays during normal business hours. Please call us with at least 24 hours notice. Pet Taxi and Veterinary Supply Pick-up services on Saturdays or Holidays will be assessed additional fees. Please call for availability.

Pick up – 15.00
Mileage – 1.70/mile

Looking for a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter in the Downriver or Dearborn, MI areas?

We are here to help you find a solution to your pet care needs with the best of both worlds; convenience and care. Contact Us today for a meet & greet!

Professional Dog Walker and Pet Sitter in the Downriver or Dearborn, MI areas.

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