Why it is so important to hire a professional pet care provider!

Our very own Woof’n Purr team member Sarah recently saved a dog’s life!

As Sarah was driving down Northline, she spotted a dog on the loose at the Northline and Dix juncture.  Anyone who knows this area, knows how dangerous this intersection could be for a loose dog.  The dog was darting in and out of traffic and running at large obviously at great risk for being hit and ultimately killed!  

Sarah pulled over and started working to try and get the dog to come to her as well as corral the dog off the street and into a safe zone.   As Sarah was working to try and get close enough to the dog to catch him, four other cars stopped to try and assist.  As you can imagine, a dog running loose in this type of situation is heavily stressed and unsure of his/her surroundings.  

It took 30 minutes for the dog to realize Sarah was trustworthy.  She had laid down on the ground and he finally came close enough to Sarah so one of the other helpers could loop a leash around him.  The dog was not wearing a collar with identification.  

Eventually the person in charge of the dog at the time came to the scene.  The owner of the dog was out of town and this person was “watching the dog”.  Unfortunately they admitted this was the second time that day the dog had gotten out!  

Sarah knew to be patient and to work to establish trust in order to draw the dog closer to her.  She did a wonderful job in keeping this dog from injury or even death!

Thankfully this story has a happy ending and the dog was not injured or harmed.  However, as professional pet care providers we ask the following questions:

-Why wasn’t the dog wearing a collar and ID, especially if the owner was travelling?  

-Why was the dog given a chance to escape out of a secure area?

-Why was the dog not leashed or contained prior to doors being opened?

-Why if this happened once, did it happen again?

We are all human and mistakes happen.  However, as professional pet sitters, we are honed in on pet safety!  We automatically watch for pets who may be excited to see us upon entry, we have routines in place to secure all dogs first prior to opening doors when taking them out and we are always checking fence gates and equipment.  Professional pet care is all we do!  We are never just “watching pets” for people.  We have long standing relationships with our clients and their pets and we provide our clients with peace of mind year after year.  

It is unknown whether the person “watching the dog” in this situation would have known what to do if in fact this dog would have been injured.  Would they know where the nearest emergency vet was?  Would they know how to assess and properly secure an injured dog who may be in great pain?  Would they know how to properly bandage a wound and how to watch for signs of shock?  We can’t say whether they possess that knowledge.  But what we can say is we do!  We are pet first aid trained and certified under a curriculum which covers topics such as;  pet CPR, safe handling and restraint and bandaging as well as how to handle emergencies such as choking, poison ingestion and what signs to look for as indicators of shock and much more.  

Our job is to keep our clients’ pets safe, relaxed and happy.  And that is exactly what we do every single day as professional pet care providers!



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