What IS a Professional Pet Sitter?

What makes a pet sitter a Professional?

Perhaps you have only heard of pet sitting in passing or have seen a commercial referencing pet sitters.  Maybe you have considered looking into getting set up with a pet sitter as you have kenneled your pets for many years and are not sure if they are truly happy in that environment.  You aren’t alone!  And likely you ask yourself; “What exactly IS a professional pet sitter?”

Professional pet sitters operate a Legal Registered Business

This means our business is registered with our state and we are approved to operate as a business with a registered business name.  This also means we pay all applicable business taxes.  

Professional pet sitters carry Insurance and Bonding.

We invest in specific insurance designed for our industry and we carry a bonding policy.  Insurance and bonding not only protects the business, but it also protects the clients.  It also lets our prospective clients know; we take their peace of mind very seriously and make it our priority.  We know it is not an easy decision to hire someone to come into your home and care for your pets and we want to make that decision as comfortable as possible.  We do that through proving our dedication to our business operation and to the safety and security of our clients’ homes, pets and property.  Proof of Woof’n Purr’s insurance and bonding is available at any time by request and it is automatically provided for review to all new clients at our first meeting.

Professional pet sitters have Background Checks done on a regular schedule. 

Due to the nature of our business, we would not have it any other way that our clients and prospective clients know they are receiving service by trustworthy individuals.  Woof’n Purr maintains an account with Sterling Global Background Checks and background checks are run on all team members every other year.  All background check reports are automatically provided for review to all new clients at our first meeting.  


Professional pet sitters offer Testimonials.

As professionals, we are very proud of our excellent reputation!  We love what we do and it shows in our work.  We want all prospective clients to have a wide variety of client reviews to read so they can feel all the confidence in the world in hiring us to be their pet care provider!  In addition to our reviews on our website, you can also read what clients have to say about us on Google, Yahoo and Angie’s List. 

Professional pet sitters have Business Affiliations within their industry.

The pet sitting industry has been growing by leaps and bounds and as professionals, it is important we stay current with what is happening within our industry; not just in our little corner of the world, but everywhere.  One way we do that is our business affiliations.  Woof’n Purr is proud to be a member of Pet Sitters International and Professional United Pet Sitters.  

Professional pet sitters are trained and tested in Pet First Aid.

As professional pet sitters, we do thousands of visits to hundreds of clients each year.  We handle pet care for all types of pets and we help clients keep routines going for pets with health problems while handling all types of medication.  It is imperative we know how to deal with an emergency should one arise.  Part of having emergency training is knowing how to avoid emergencies!  Learning how to recognize potential problems, being prepared to deal with them and knowing what type of care to provide on-scene for transport to the vet can make the difference.

Professional pet sitters have Extensive Experience in pet ownership and activities.  

Passion is the heart of our business!  Professional pet sitters have great passion for pets, their care and well being.  We are lifelong pet owners and often have been involved with rescue, dog sports, groups and activities related to pets and are often members of pet related associations.  Not just business affiliations, but also as individuals.  We (like many of our clients) have mult-pet households and we understand the dynamic between multiple pets as well as the routines that become very important to a smooth running multi-pet household.  We also understand how pets each have their own quirks and likes and dislikes and a great part of our job is getting to know those.  

A great deal of work, focus and investment goes into being a professional pet sitter.  Insurance, bonding, background checks, affiliations and ongoing training are necessary and comprise a great part of our business structure and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  



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