Talk Kitty To Me

Talk Kitty To Me

Your favorite kitty may be communicating with you, and you might not even know it! Cats have a way of showing emotion in ways that are very different from people. However, there are a few tell-tale signs to see what your cat is thinking.


  • Irritated: An agitated cat will have their ears laying flat back. Their tail will be flicking back and forth.
  • Content: A calm and trusting cat will most often be laying down. Their tail and ears will be relaxed. Sometimes, a comfortable cat will even roll over to show their adorable tummy! However, be careful! This is not always an invitation to give them a belly rub; it’s important to know whether the cat likes belly rubs or not before attempting to pet their stomach.
  • Friendly: A cat in a friendly mood is easy to spot. Generally, their tail is up and so are their ears. A friendly cat will meow at you, and if they feel super comfortable with you, they will rub up against you! A cat who rubs up against someone is marking them with their scent to say, “I like you and I want to remember I like you!”
  • Cautious: A cautious cat will have radar ears. Their ears will be rotating around, and they will be looking and sniffing around. Cautious cats tend to be more skittish, but given time and patience, they can warm up to their environment.
  • Terrified: Like a cat in a friendly mood, a terrified cat is also very easy to spot. A tell-tale sign is, well, their tail! A scared cat will have a puffed up tail. Scared cats also tend to have their ears rotated back.These are general universal cat body language signs. However, each kitty is different. It’s important to take time to get to know your cat and to be able to spot the signs in their body language. Soon enough, you could be able to look at your itty and know what they’re thinking!

What’s your kitty saying to you?



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