Too Cool for the Kennel

One size does NOT fit all– especially in OUR area!

We know your pet has his or her own unique routine and they are WAY too cool for the kennel! One type of pet care definitely does NOT fit all pets.  Each pet is different, just as each household is different.

First and foremost, we’d like to welcome you to our area– Downriver, MI. Whether you’re from down south in Flat Rock, up north in Dearborn, or midwest in Southgate, we are here to keep your pet’s personal routine going as if you never left.  If your pet gets his or her treats on the back of the couch, drinks out of the faucet or perhaps needs lap time each evening, then that is exactly what we will do!  Our custom pet care is designed to keep pets and pet parents relaxed and stress-free.

Whether you need to set up a new routine of regular exercise walks or you are traveling, we can help with all types of pet care to fit YOUR pet’s individual needs.



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